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Terms for all users

Nova Wakefield District Limited (Nova) cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any information added to the site by third parties.

While Nova makes every effort to ensure that only genuine volunteer providers are able to post opportunities on the site, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any opportunity advertised on the site. We encourage all users to exercise caution when responding to an opportunity and to confirm the identity of the organisation before arranging to meet or disclosing any personal information.

Terms for users listing opportunities on behalf of an organisation

This site may be suspended at any time and we advise that volunteer recruiters do not depend solely on this site as a means to recruit.

Any opportunity which we believe does not meet the NCVO’s definition of volunteering, or which may bring Nova into disrepute will be removed without warning or compensation.

All organisations using this website must have in place an up to date volunteering policy which defines the role of volunteers within the organisation and sets out clearly how they can expect to be treated.