Portobello Community Gala

Support Portobello Community centre with their annual gala!
10 hrs / week Sat 17th Aug 2024

There are a number of tasks that the centre need help in for this event at Castle Grove Park including:

1. Set-up: 

  • Ensuring the park is clear of all rubbish and debris before the event begins. 
  • Assisting community groups with setting up gazebos and other equipment. 
  • Helping to transport items and equipment across the park as needed. 

2. Event Assistance: 

  • Throughout the day, volunteers will be responsible for rubbish clearing to maintain a clean and tidy environment. 
  • Delivering drinks to stalls to ensure vendors and participants are adequately hydrated. 
  • Directing attendees to restroom facilities and providing information about the day's events and activities. 
  • Assisting with manning the inflatables and activity areas to ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants, providing supervision and guidance as needed. 

3. Post-Event: 

  •  Assisting stall holders with packing up their equipment and belongings after the event concludes. 
  •  Ensuring the park is clear of any remaining rubbish or debris to leave the space in good condition. 


If you are a registered Our Year volunteer you can claim up to £5 per day
Deadline: Fri 26th July, 2024



Suitable for

People new to volunteering, People under 18, People volunteering together


Accessible toilet(s)

Minimum age


Skills gained

Leadership, Teamwork, Talking to others, Organising

Skills needed

Talking to others, Teamwork, Listening

Our Year - Wakefield Council

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